Healing Manifestation Dates

We call out to the world, join us, take hands and help us to create mass healing energy to encircle and penetrate mother earth.

Every month on the 11th day we will hold mass meditations of healing prayer sending love and healing energy to mother earth. Please join us, where ever you are at 5:00pm pacific time, 6:00pm central time, 7:00pm mountain time, 8:00pm eastern time for 20 minutes – sit quietly, join hands, and breathe love and healing energy in and out, into mother earth and back up to you, into mother earth and back up to you. Picture loving and healing energy encircling mother earth, penetrating every living being. Feel her energy, feel the energy of love and healing going through you – like an open channel with a gentle stream moving through. Send blessings.

Blessings to All
~ Dr. Richard London and Lorel Daniel, and all the light workers on Mother Earth

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  • Raquel Silva says:

    Thank you for calling, I will join with my Caribbean hands. Sending LOVE and COMPASSION, Sending PRAYERS, TEARS AND THEN LAUGHTER To HER. Encircling HER, and Giving HER thanks for keeping us ALIVE!

  • Amber Dixon says:

    I agree to join together in collective consciousness of love for Mother Earth and help in the bringing forth of the fullness of the Celestine prophesy’s for us all in this shift in evolution. Many blessings and much love to all.

  • Noha Iziz says:

    Aloha and Blissings!

    I love your website! Would you mind if I added it to my website somehow? I feel we very much resonate and can further shine the light of consciousness into a changing planet and human..

    Love Noha.. :)

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