I Am

I AM the Voice in the Wind
Blowing softly upon thee
Feel the love surrounding you
In absolute Angels Delight ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of your Future
The beauty that I see around you
Fills my heart with such vibrancy
I wonder if you feel it too ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of the Mountains
Today the Spirit of the Mountain
Gracefully fills you with it’s strength
Allow it to put you into Beta ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of the Trees
I whisper to you of flowing
Gently flowing in pure surrender
Accepting the magnificent sharing of their auras.
I AM the Voice of your Sister
My heart spills over with love,
You bring such beauty into my life
I dance with pure joy.
I AM the Voice that whispers
Of tender moments of pure peace.
Spreading before me is yet to be
Feel the Galactic Center’s radiating towards us ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of the flat lands
That smells like Sage – – hmm it’s so strong
Takes me to Texas’s Sageland
Echoing in peaceful vibes in my heart ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of the wind drafts
Feeling the Eagles all about us
Eagles flying over, through and within us
Blessings us all in the circle of Light ~ ~ ~
I AM the voice of my heart
Amazingly I feel all of you with me.
The Dolphins swim along the Rainbow bridge
Weaving back and forth to each of us ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of the Rainbows
Filling me and filling you with jeweled tones
Amazingly we witness which ones we need
Flowing thru us in beautiful hues ~ ~ ~
Has it reached you yet?
Angel and Dolphin Hugs for a Radiant Rainbow Day!
Shirley Irene

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