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Buddhas of the east…awaken and unite
Indigos of the west…awaken and unite

Shamans of the south…awaken and unite
Elders of the north…awaken and unite

Wanderers and starseeds scattered all about
Let’s all join together…to hug and to shout

Time to come out of hiding…time to come out of the shell
Time to make some changes…time to lighten up this hell

We are all on a mission…sent in from above
We each have a message…to share of love

Alone we are a spark…together we are a flame
Let’s show this world why it is that we came

We have nothing to lose…we have heaven to re-gain
Exemplifying compassion when another is in pain

Our being is a rainbow…each and every color true
From the shades of a shadow to the brightest hue

Our family is the tribe…living the sacred thankful way
Singing, dancing, laughing…everything done in play

A life beyond judgment…a community beyond pride
Mellow people living together with hearts open wide

This is my vision…this is my true quest
All is welcome here…just be my guest

A world full of friendship is blooming now as i speak
There is no sign of a stranger up on angel’s peak

Take down your fences…erase all of the borders
Bye-bye government…we are sick of any orders

There is a new way to rule…self-governed by peace
The wars must stop…yes, the wars must cease

One day without murder…that’s all that i ask
May the dark find the light and in it bask

One day turns into a week, a month, and then a year
Gaia will be singing, “The Kingdom Is Here”

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