Our Species is Evolving

Right now as you read this some of us are making our move.
Call us ‘early birds’ if you like … you can join us anytime you want.
We are currently leaving our bodies at will and adjusting our individual energy
to the point of controlling what can and cannot come into our space.

The next step will removing all self-destructive programing including the belief
that you have to go through a traumatic removal from your three-dimensional form.
In our temporary objective universe everything is always in flux but we are now moving
to a new level of self-control or should I say ‘soul’ control.


Leaving the ‘monkey thing’ behind. You don’t have to join a group,
worship a leader, or even attend any meetings … just start doing the

Invisible unbounded conscious energy.

Well I know right now you might think you’re a ghost type
human shaped spirit residing in a body but the truth is different.

So forget everything you’ve been taught for a moment
and consider this…

Who am I?

WHO is a little misleading and reveals our current innate prejudices
as objective beings in a temporal setting.

Personality is way down the development chain during an expansion
stage requiring division, experience, memory, and intelligence
to make it’s appearance.

Personality is not eternal, it is not ‘always present’ so again
‘who am I’…eternally or ‘all the time’?

At the primal or eternal ( ‘always present’ ) level ….


To get started you must know who you are, where you are, and what’s really
happening here.

You are awareness!

The ‘always present’ unified field of subjective consciousness
that in the course of it’s normal behavior spawns all that we currently
see including our temporary identities as intelligent, conscious beings.
Which naturally leads to our next question. .. 
What am I?



of vibrational complexity…you cycle between an active state and a
dormant state ad infinitum. 
That is your nature as existence to pulse or cycle between
a simple vibration and an incredibly complex series of

If we could create an image of this it might look something
like Rodrigo Siqueira’s fractal image.
Where am I?

WHERE is another of those dubious questions based on our current
limited perspective. Space and time are only meaningful as objective
beings during the expansive stage of the cycle or pulse.

In reality, as existence your energy is ‘all that ‘is’, and everything that
is happening is going on within yourself.

In your current position as a nested portion of yourself within an energetic
pattern you know as your ‘body’ you are observing the activity of yourself
from within yourself…trippy eh?



What’s REALLY Going On Here? 

Right now collectively you are expanding or stretching into more
and more complex patterns. From a ‘nested’ partial perspective
as an individual primate it seems like you are a person in an expanding
physical universe but you are actually what you consider the inside
and outside of your current experience.

Unwind the temporary patterns dividing your attention or awareness
and you realize you are both the ‘container’ and the ‘contents‘.

In a nutshell the present major activity is EXPANSION so
what’s going on here is ‘you are watching yourself expand
in a sea of patterns’.

Life is driven to know itself instinctually; and, you and I are
the evolving aspect of that desire equipped with intelligence to
get the job done … know ourself as we really are …
creative consciousness.

What And Where Is My True Power?




Here is the biggie… especially in our current temporary
experience as human beings. The main power of existence
right now is our collective instinct to expand BUT within that
flow is our individual power to effect the area surrounding
our nested consciousness by adjusting our resonance or
You and I have the power to alter our personal energetic
resonance and effect the other portions of the whole
attracted or repeled into our experience. We control
our individual event horizons within the whole and it’s

In a sense we all have MAGNETIC PERSONALITIES.

For more on this there are over 200 posts here in AWAKE
about your personal power and influence beyond the normal
human concepts and no shortage of information on the internet
about the ‘law of attraction’.

In a word the true power in our personal experiences is
oue power to FOCUS.

Focus energy in the form of feelings, thoughts, words, and actions
in our human experience.

How can it be true that I’m EVERYTHING?



Once again, this is where our current bias as seemingly separate
beings clouds our ability to reason this out. Many indigenous tribes
have a psychedelic initiation into adulthood for this very reason. 
They want everyone in their community to know firsthand that ihere
is only one spirit doing it’s thing in reality and it’s you!

They know the value of a direct experience of subjective consciousness
in bringing people together in a true understanding of what’s transpiring
in reality.

Nevertheless we have trillions of years of individuality left before
we collectively sleep again ( to awake once more ), so take the
wheel of your event horizon and enjoy your present experience!

And NOW the THREE STEPS to becoming a GOD

1) Learn to stay in the NOW which you’ll learn is our energetic presence and source of power.

2) Learn to adjust your personal resonance or ‘vibe’ to create what you want in your space … your uni-verse thus overcoming the human paradigm/system of power.

3) Learn to come and go from your body and experience your omnipresence by relocating freely anywhere.




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