Ashvatha Tree



Lord of the Third Ray – Pink Ray – Ruby Ray
Divine Qualities – Love, Adoration, Gratitude
Retreat – Château de Liberté in southern France.
Music Keynote of the Chateau de Liberte:
La Marseillaise by Berlioz.

Paolo Veronese (Paolo Caliari) 1528-1588, Italian Master Renaissance painter. He broke away from the tradition in religious art of making the figures of Christ and his apostles stiff and unreachable. He was a spiritual revolutionary who fought against the forces of anti-Life in the arts, and saw Beauty as the most powerful catalyst for enlightenment.

Egyptian master of esoteric architecture who worked with El Morya (then a master mason) at the time of the building of the pyramids. Artist in the Incan empire who used paints that did not fade. Head of cultural affairs in the government of Atlantis who, before the sinking of Atlantis, established a Focus of the Liberty Flame in Peru – which gave an impetus to the culture, beauty, and wealth of the Incan civilization.

Also known as: The Venetian Master, The Venetian, Lord of the Third Ray. Service to Life: Chohan of the Third Ray (Love, Beauty, Art) Initiation and balancing of the heart chakra. Helps develop tolerance and love for one another. Training of elementals. Paul will be the next Maha Chohan, when the current Representative of the Holy Spirit for this earth goes on to another Office in Hierarchy.

~✡ Ascended ✡~

April 19, 1588 from the Chateau de Liberte in southern France after his passing at the age of sixty

~✡ Embodied ✡~

❆ Head of cultural affairs in the government of Atlantis who, before the sinking of Atlantis, established a Focus of the Liberty Flame in Peru – which gave an impetus to the culture, beauty, and wealth of the Incan civilization.
❆ Artist in the Incan empire who used paints that did not fade.
❆ Egyptian master of esoteric architecture who worked with El Morya (then a master mason) at the time of the building of the pyramids.
❆ Paolo Veronese (Paolo Caliari) 1528-1588, Italian Master Renaissance painter. He broke away from the tradition in religious art of making the figures of Christ and his apostles stiff and unreachable. He was a spiritual revolutionary who saw Beauty as the most powerful catalyst for enlightenment.

~✡ Retreats ✡~

Paul the Venetian’s retreat, Chateau de la Liberte, is located in the etheric plane over southern France on the Rhone River (also known as the Retreat of the Liberty Flame). The etheric retreat is congruent with a French chateau and extends beyond the property. On the chateau grounds are fragrant roses, fountains, marble columns and ponds with water lilies. At the etheric level it contains classrooms with paintings and art work of every kind from all ages and races and cultures, as well as workshops for musicians, writers, sculptors, and students of voice. Here the masters introduce new techniques in every field of art. And here the Goddess of Liberty, sponsor of Paul the Venetian, brought the Flame of Liberty from the Temple of the Sun on Atlantis (located over present-day Manhattan). The impulse from this flame compelled the construction of the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France to the people of America.

~•♥ Ascended Masters Teachings ♥•~

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Peace Weaver

Your soul has one purpose: to love and be loved. The better you get at perfecting your ability to express love toward yourself and others and at allowing yourself to be loved, the closer you are to fulfilling your soul’s true and natural purpose.

Much Love, Ally :*)) ♥

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Beyond the Veil where Angels Ascend

When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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For Light

Light cannot see inside things.
That is what the dark is for:
Minding the interior,
Nurturing the draw of growth
Through places where death
In its own way turns into life.
In the glare of neon times,
Let our eyes not be worn
By surfaces that shine
With hunger made attractive.
That our thoughts may be true light,
Finding their way into words
Which have the weight of shadow
To hold the layers of truth.
That we never place our trust
In minds claimed by empty light,
Where one-sided certainties
Are driven by false desire.
When we look into the heart,
May our eyes have the kindness
And reverence of candlelight.
That the searching of our minds
Be equal to the oblique
Crevices and corners where
The mystery continues to dwell,
Glimmering in fugitive light.
When we are confined inside
The dark house of suffering
That moonlight might find a window.
When we become false and lost
That the severe noon-light
Would cast our shadow clear.
When we love, that dawn-light
Would lighten our feet
Upon the waters.
As we grow old, that twilight
Would illuminate treasure
In the fields of memory.
And when we come to search for God,
Let us first be robed in night,
Put on the mind of morning
To feel the rush of light
Spread slowly inside
The color and stillness
Of a found word.
~ John O’Donohue ~

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Connecting with Angels

Nothing can stop the force of love! Use it everyday and
watch your life transform.

Today’s Positive Thought

Let love transform your life.

Today’s Positive Affirmation

I send the power of love into my life to
create peace and harmony everywhere I go.

Today’s Positive Visualization

As I take in a slow and even breath I experience
the spiritual force of love within me. I imagine this
power of love surrounding and healing me. In my mind’s
eye I send this love out into the world to transform
any difficult relationships or situations. I take
a few moments to imagine this situation(s) or
relationship(s) in the way I would like them to be.
I combine these images with the feelings of joy and
let them go, knowing that they will create the good
things I am visualizing and thinking.

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Locking in the Zero point in the quantum field

The veils are thinning and the constant outpouring of cosmic light reveals another timeline to the rainbow warriors who are fearlessly maneuvering the storms. This mega whirl blowing in now requires us to choose which matrix of energy we will be attuned as the greater shifts take place.
The astounding work we are doing has reached a pinnacle point of a much higher arc of light as an enlightened collective. There have been numerous accounts coming in from light servers who are experiencing a type of “crossing over” process, one that is tapping into a new quantum field and remaining within it for extended periods of time. It has been consistently described as a seamless and all too familiar space of “no time” where peace and clarity fill a suspended, most blissful void.

It is evident that the portals into the New Earth reality are opening and it is now a process of getting us and everyone on to and across the bridge! 


The Zero Point Field Emerges

This quantum field of energy is now more pronounced, as it merges simultaneously with the old, subtlety and gracefully, yet, with a completely different pattern. It is non linear. It is not controlled by time and it is not entered through formulas and spin ratios. Its benevolent pulse is constant and most lovingly uplifting. When we enter into its rhythm, everything of a stressful nature quickly drops away as if nothing ever mattered anyway. No praying is required because all prayers are already heard before they are even prayed. It simply knows.

It is another consciousness octave that, through the acceleration, it brings all who enter it into a seeming decelerated state of… suspension. Could this be the Zero Point field that we are entering and that we have heard so much about?

As we make passage into this deeper ecology of consciousness, some of us are experiencing a type of slowing down and de-spiraling on the inner realms. The mirrored projection is pure peace, outside of any confining structures. It is a creative stream of energy that allows for spontaneous manifestation, yet, not through our thoughts but through a destined and willed akashic force. The Law of Attraction, as we have known it, becomes null and void.

As we advance our consciousness, we become more sensitively attuned to this quantum field of Divine Potential. Through our expanding intuitive and telepathic capabilities from the developing right brain, we are more easily connecting to this field and living harmoniously attuned to the rhythm of One.


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The sanctuary of love and light

In the stillness
Of that sanctuary within,
I go to be touched
By LOVE and Healing.
I go inside
To be,
To release,
To receive
And the hands
Of Angels
As I walk my path.

I bring back
To the world
Peace, Energy,
And Compassion.
I bring laughter
From tears,
And smiles
From grief.
In sadness and in fear
I go to the LIGHT*
It will surround
And protect me.

The road is not easy
But I can see,
I can choose,
And I can start where I am.
If I let go of all around me,
The LIGHT* will carry me home

A Poem by Diana Ward

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Myth number Six

There is absolutely nothing or no one out there who wants to bring you down.
To teach you a lesson, to find your faults.
Oh no.
In fact the reverse is your truth.
Everything, but everything, put in front of you is conspiring to bring you
your highest, clearest, brightest reflection and experience of
who you really are.
Do you get it.
Do you really get it.
You are the creator, the inviter, the director, producer ,
the actor and audience of it all.
You are the giver.
You are the receiver.
And You are the Gift.
You are the Presence.
You are the Presenter.
And You are the Present
It is really time to now totally trust yourself.
Step into the Flow bravely and watch everything fit perfectly together
in every way possible.
Nothing will be left out, 
Congratulations, welcome Home.

I Love You.

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New Eras begin Within

You can’t remake the world
Without remaking yourself.
Each new era begins within.

It is an inward event,
With unsuspected possibilities
For inner liberation

We could use it to turn on
Our inward lights.

We could use it to use even the dark
And negative things positively.
We could use the new era

To clean our eyes,
To see the world differently,
To see ourselves more clearly.

Only free people can make a free world.
Infect the world with your light.

Help fulfill the golden prophecies.
Press forward the human genius.
Our future is greater than our past.

~Ben Okri from Mental Fight
ه ♥ه ♥ ه ♥ه ♥ ه ♥ه ه ♥ه ♥ ه
*♫* vιcтorια pєαcє *☆
(¸.✿´ (¸.❀` *(`’✿.¸¸.✿

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✡ Divinity ✡

It comes in waves of unstoppable inspirations, rising, rising it live in unrest,

“Hear me, hear me it struggles to be seen not yet knowing the mystery that
exists inside this adventure”. You awaken trouble Divineness discontent,

it will not sleep nor wait to be invited barging in it doesn’t ask for your permission.

The agreement was made long before you came, yet the body forget the mind reject,

“It can not be, it can not be- Who am I you ask?
Just small and afraid this can’t be mine to own.
Who are you the World calls out?
To demand proof of a worthy calling, an agreement previously made before you
understood how afraid you would be when you stood at the edges of what

Human believe of what is possible.

A worthy argument falls on deaf ears unheard and dismissed it will not entertain denial.

It fights to be release from the womb of your imagination the pain becomes unbearable.
So much so that you do not have a choice than you surrender;
you surrender to Love in spike of your fears,
you sit unwrapped and vulnerable.

It is as it must be, stepping out of the illusion that you are alone greeted by open arms.

Celebrate this victory of revealing the truth of who you are; magnificent,

magnificent you heard they exclaim.
The Love is overwhelming it a travesty to the core of your being,
everything you think you have known crumbles away until nothing is left.
Dusty remanence of self deceit a whole design to protect once impermeable,
you now open to truth and everything else just falls away.
The awakenings send you into a blissful explosion of laughter;
you feel and know the truth of your divinity, your connection to all that is

and ever was and you are one with everything.

Expose and naked you realized the sweetness of surrender expanding

into knowledge in one moment. You now know what it feels to be whole and complete;
you now know my dear, how does it feels.
The emptiness disappears feeding into distant memories held before
you discovered that you were in Heaven all the while;
magnificent and brilliant is who I know you to be and even if this moment passe
s you will carry it with you forever;

you will share in your smile, your touch, your heart, your words, your presence.

It will be impossible to forget this brilliant glimpse of your truth,

meeting yourself for the first time is not something to be forgotten.
You are magnificent, brilliance in your divinity.
Be willed in your miracle you have no other choice to embrace this knowing,
it is you who is glorious and perfect; you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.
You bring hope to a wounded World; you bring Love to the broken hearted.
After all you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity. Take this step my beloved
for you are ready, you are ready to fully embrace your power,

you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.

Do you know how deeply you are loved? How special you are?

God smile at the mere sound of your voice; the beating of your heart,
you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.
The angels sing and dance belayed to bare witness to the miracle of your birth.
For you are the One, you are the only, you are the One.
Dance my sweet; it is time for you to play and reclaim your innocence’s,

share the joy of who you are.

You are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.

I love you my sweet sweet child, you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.
It is time for you to play, laugh my sweet and dance your dance;

you are the only one who can, you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.

Remember who you are in time of lightness,

rejoice who you are in time of darkness,
reclaim who you are in time of forgetting
and share who you are my dear beloved with the world;

because you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.


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Our Species is Evolving

Right now as you read this some of us are making our move.
Call us ‘early birds’ if you like … you can join us anytime you want.
We are currently leaving our bodies at will and adjusting our individual energy
to the point of controlling what can and cannot come into our space.

The next step will removing all self-destructive programing including the belief
that you have to go through a traumatic removal from your three-dimensional form.
In our temporary objective universe everything is always in flux but we are now moving
to a new level of self-control or should I say ‘soul’ control.


Leaving the ‘monkey thing’ behind. You don’t have to join a group,
worship a leader, or even attend any meetings … just start doing the

Invisible unbounded conscious energy.

Well I know right now you might think you’re a ghost type
human shaped spirit residing in a body but the truth is different.

So forget everything you’ve been taught for a moment
and consider this…

Who am I?

WHO is a little misleading and reveals our current innate prejudices
as objective beings in a temporal setting.

Personality is way down the development chain during an expansion
stage requiring division, experience, memory, and intelligence
to make it’s appearance.

Personality is not eternal, it is not ‘always present’ so again
‘who am I’…eternally or ‘all the time’?

At the primal or eternal ( ‘always present’ ) level ….


To get started you must know who you are, where you are, and what’s really
happening here.

You are awareness!

The ‘always present’ unified field of subjective consciousness
that in the course of it’s normal behavior spawns all that we currently
see including our temporary identities as intelligent, conscious beings.
Which naturally leads to our next question. .. 
What am I?



of vibrational complexity…you cycle between an active state and a
dormant state ad infinitum. 
That is your nature as existence to pulse or cycle between
a simple vibration and an incredibly complex series of

If we could create an image of this it might look something
like Rodrigo Siqueira’s fractal image.
Where am I?

WHERE is another of those dubious questions based on our current
limited perspective. Space and time are only meaningful as objective
beings during the expansive stage of the cycle or pulse.

In reality, as existence your energy is ‘all that ‘is’, and everything that
is happening is going on within yourself.

In your current position as a nested portion of yourself within an energetic
pattern you know as your ‘body’ you are observing the activity of yourself
from within yourself…trippy eh?



What’s REALLY Going On Here? 

Right now collectively you are expanding or stretching into more
and more complex patterns. From a ‘nested’ partial perspective
as an individual primate it seems like you are a person in an expanding
physical universe but you are actually what you consider the inside
and outside of your current experience.

Unwind the temporary patterns dividing your attention or awareness
and you realize you are both the ‘container’ and the ‘contents‘.

In a nutshell the present major activity is EXPANSION so
what’s going on here is ‘you are watching yourself expand
in a sea of patterns’.

Life is driven to know itself instinctually; and, you and I are
the evolving aspect of that desire equipped with intelligence to
get the job done … know ourself as we really are …
creative consciousness.

What And Where Is My True Power?




Here is the biggie… especially in our current temporary
experience as human beings. The main power of existence
right now is our collective instinct to expand BUT within that
flow is our individual power to effect the area surrounding
our nested consciousness by adjusting our resonance or
You and I have the power to alter our personal energetic
resonance and effect the other portions of the whole
attracted or repeled into our experience. We control
our individual event horizons within the whole and it’s

In a sense we all have MAGNETIC PERSONALITIES.

For more on this there are over 200 posts here in AWAKE
about your personal power and influence beyond the normal
human concepts and no shortage of information on the internet
about the ‘law of attraction’.

In a word the true power in our personal experiences is
oue power to FOCUS.

Focus energy in the form of feelings, thoughts, words, and actions
in our human experience.

How can it be true that I’m EVERYTHING?



Once again, this is where our current bias as seemingly separate
beings clouds our ability to reason this out. Many indigenous tribes
have a psychedelic initiation into adulthood for this very reason. 
They want everyone in their community to know firsthand that ihere
is only one spirit doing it’s thing in reality and it’s you!

They know the value of a direct experience of subjective consciousness
in bringing people together in a true understanding of what’s transpiring
in reality.

Nevertheless we have trillions of years of individuality left before
we collectively sleep again ( to awake once more ), so take the
wheel of your event horizon and enjoy your present experience!

And NOW the THREE STEPS to becoming a GOD

1) Learn to stay in the NOW which you’ll learn is our energetic presence and source of power.

2) Learn to adjust your personal resonance or ‘vibe’ to create what you want in your space … your uni-verse thus overcoming the human paradigm/system of power.

3) Learn to come and go from your body and experience your omnipresence by relocating freely anywhere.




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Dolphins Make Me Cry

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Intuition Fruition

Each fruit has its optimum harvest time,
a window where all the elements of creation
have conspired to produce sustenance
for All Our Relations …
facilitating the continuance of Life.

The fruits of our Tree of Love
represent our visions, callings and intentions
coming into BE-ing.

All happy-ning in Divine Order, of course.

As we align our Hearts and focus our genius
on Birthing New Reality, we become present to
the abundant gifts here and NOW.

We see the see fruits of our efforts taking shape
and come into material form. Now aligned with,
and witnessing, the patterns of creation,
we are continuously receiving subtle signals
guiding us to take responsible action
— to know when it is time to act or be still.

Our Intuition is a transducer for the subtle
energies and signals of shift in our environment.
When fully present to each moment,
our intuition provides insight and awareness
allowing us to act in accordance with our
Highest Good.

Just for today …

Be present to the subtle messages, guidance and
signals arriving as you go about the day. These come
in a myriad of forms — a flash of insight; a sudden
impulse to call someone; a feeling to take a particular
path or a nudge to wait, witness and perceive wondrous
opportunities at hand.

Gift yourself the experience of listening within, and
following the inner genius guiding you to Fulfill your
role in Birthing New Reality, and into full alignment
with the fruits of your efforts now being made manifest.

Just like a fruit come into season, Intuitional guidance
has a “window of ripe and readiness”. If we ignore it,
or procrastinate in taking action on inner guidance,
the window of opportunity shifts and changes.

Our reality is a dynamic, continuously shifting
orchestration of opportunities to manifest our visions
and follow our Bliss. Thankfully, we are provided
a constant stream of current information. If one
opportunity was missed, a new one will appear …
one that is energetically aligned to the elements
of creation at play.

In tuning in and leveraging the power and gift of
Intuition, we access our inner genius and are guided
towards people, places and resources to bring our
visions, callings and waking dreams into fruition.


“Explanations usually come along with intuitive
messages on a “need to know basis.” When the bigger,
more important messages need to surface, they will,
so pay attention! Listen with your heart. We know
know that the heart has many more neurons than
it would need just for circulation of blood.

By following through on your everyday hunches,
you are actually taking test drives, virtually honing
in on your listening skills. These skills will serve you
well. Everyone is apparently somewhat psychic,
but many people just have flabby psychic muscles.

Learning to listen to your inner dialog tones and
strengthens this muscle. The more you use your
intuition the better you get at it. When we choose
to ignore our gut instincts, we are only hurting ourselves.
The holistic or wholistic movement is about healing
this problem.

Listening to your intuition is the essence of art and
creativity and soulful living. Intuition is what you
use to find the purpose of your life and your place
in the world. Once you awaken your inner guide
by unlocking the wisdom of your subconscious
mind, you already know what to do.

~ AngelFire

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What can you do?

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Drops from the Divine Source

We are all drops from the heart ♥
of the divine source ♥
Together we form a sea of light ♥
An ocean of golden Love ♥
From which new life will be born♥

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(No Title)

Buddhas of the east…awaken and unite
Indigos of the west…awaken and unite

Shamans of the south…awaken and unite
Elders of the north…awaken and unite

Wanderers and starseeds scattered all about
Let’s all join together…to hug and to shout

Time to come out of hiding…time to come out of the shell
Time to make some changes…time to lighten up this hell

We are all on a mission…sent in from above
We each have a message…to share of love

Alone we are a spark…together we are a flame
Let’s show this world why it is that we came

We have nothing to lose…we have heaven to re-gain
Exemplifying compassion when another is in pain

Our being is a rainbow…each and every color true
From the shades of a shadow to the brightest hue

Our family is the tribe…living the sacred thankful way
Singing, dancing, laughing…everything done in play

A life beyond judgment…a community beyond pride
Mellow people living together with hearts open wide

This is my vision…this is my true quest
All is welcome here…just be my guest

A world full of friendship is blooming now as i speak
There is no sign of a stranger up on angel’s peak

Take down your fences…erase all of the borders
Bye-bye government…we are sick of any orders

There is a new way to rule…self-governed by peace
The wars must stop…yes, the wars must cease

One day without murder…that’s all that i ask
May the dark find the light and in it bask

One day turns into a week, a month, and then a year
Gaia will be singing, “The Kingdom Is Here”

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Our Eternal Soul

The soul is indestructible and its activity will continue through eternity.
It is like the sun, which, to our eyes, seems to set at night;
but it has in reality only gone to diffuse its light elsewhere.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Where is your inner voice?

Living did not become a problem until Man refused to listen to the inner voice.
When he returns to listening He will seize to labor for the means of living, but will work for the joy of creating. Through His word He will find that He can move upon the all loving and all enfolding substance of God,

and bring into visibility every idea he holds in thought.”

Baird Spalding

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The Power of Words

“To think a thought is to practice not only brain chemistry, but body chemistry. Every thought you have, every idea you entertain, sends a chemical message to the core of cellular awareness. Putting attention on a word, which is the symbolic expression of an idea, is therefore magical. It transforms the invisible into the visible.
Let’s say today’s theme is freedom. For today, then, have your attention on that word FREEDOM. Remember, the word becomes the flesh… Don’t analyze the word. Don’t try to define it. Don’t evaluate it. Don’t interpret it. Just have your attention on the idea. It will soon embed itself in your awareness, in your consciousness. That will cause a positive transformation in your consciousness that will spontaneously change your physiology, and that change in physiology will spontaneously bring about a change in your life experiences.”
by Deepak Chopra.

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Everything Coexists

If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in this sheet of paper.
Without a cloud, there will be no rain; without rain, the trees cannot grow; and without
trees, we cannot make paper.
The cloud is essential for the paper to exist.
If the cloud is not here, the sheet of paper cannot be here either.
So we can say that the cloud and the paper inter-are. “Interbeing” is a word that is not
in the dictionary yet, but if we combine the prefi x “Inter-” with the verb “to be,”

we have a new verb, inter- be….

Looking even more deeply, we can see ourselves in this sheet of paper too.

This is not difficult to see, because when we look at a sheet of paper,
it is part of our perception.
Your mind is in here and mine is also.
So we can say that everything is in here with this sheet of paper.
We cannot point out one thing that is not here – time, space, the earth, the rain,
the minerals in the soil, the sunshine, the cloud, the river, the heat.

Everything coexists with this sheet of paper.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

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Nothing is as it Appears

Know all things to be like this:
A mirage, a cloud castle,
A dream, an apparition,
Without essence but with qualities that can be seen.
Know all things to be like this:
As the moon in a bright sky
In some clear lake reflected,
Though to that lake the moon has never moved.
Know all things to be like this:
As an echo that derives
From music, sounds, and weeping,
Yet in that echo is no melody.
Know all things to be like this:
As a magician makes illusions
Of horses, oxen, carts, and other things,
Nothing is as it appears.

– Buddha

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The Magnificence of Love

The Magnificence of Love

In my morning meditation I was taken to the Temple of Love which I have been enjoying sinceMelchizedek took me there in February, 2007.  Yes, yesterday we could feel the added energies of the Ninth Wave Gateway.  During our first webinar meditation on the Platinum Dolphin Energy, we also felt the presence of Sanat Kumara.

Receiving a bountiful amount of Love energy there was a commingling of the different glories of the essence of Love.

The Wisdom of Love

Presented to me was the ability to become aware of what creates love in our sacred temple of the Holy Spirit. Loving Oneself – is part of what I came to do, be and share. (I believe this is accurate for each and every one of us.) HOWEVER, we TEND to forget that our mental and emotional bodies create energy patterns that may be in conflict with loving ourselves.

Our bodies have I believe over 70 percent water. When we allow ourselves to criticize, judge, be righteous, indignant, angry, we have stopped loving ourselves. The reaction of our emotional and mental disarray creates a reaction within all the water cells within our bodies. As Dr. Emoto demonstrates so richly . WE actually create havoc in our own bodies and what we have created in our expressions towards others now resides within us. What we have judged others to be is nothing but a reflection and a mirror within us. In our process of anger we have given this person our power and we have not only depleted our selves but have guaranteed that it will return to us in exact force that it was extended.

This was a hugh “Light Bulb” for me. And as I daily release all that no longer belongs to me and daily ask for forgiveness of anything, anyone that I may have done during the day, I also ask from each person that “Please forgive me, I love you, I forgive you, I love you.”

The Grace of Love

How blessed it is to receive the Grace that flows down from God, our Source, our Creator of all.

As the Grace of Love flows thru me I see such beautiful Lights in all of you and I realized that it was a reflection that started within me opening my spirit/soul to see the beautiful Light and Love that each and every one of you truly are.

Since becoming a Pillar of Light, a growing Pillar of Love, I see our hearts connecting which brings me such great joy. I see your beauty, I feel your love and

I am so thankful for this precious gift from God, Source.

The Glow of Love

My heart and soul knows that we are what we were waiting for. That we are co-creators bringing in theLove and Light of the precious Christ Energies. Releasing all that does not belong to me/us allows the Glow of Love to continuously flow from me to you.

From you to me.

How sacred, how precious, how beautiful to see so many Earth Angels now. As we join hearts into our

ONENESS and into the ONE HEART we become centered in the heart of God. I believe it is here that we learn to become more aware of the graciousness,

thankfulness of the Grace of God, of the Temple of Grace.

The Magnificence of Love

Occurs when we understand the Law of Attraction, the Law of ONENESS. When we no longer allow any outside influences into our space that is not for our best and highest good. There are thought patterns out there bouncing around that are not ours and we do no need to accept them as ours.

There are negative Entities that we do not need to allow into this precious Temple

of the Holy Spirit that we truly are.

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Blooming Humans

Our thoughts and emotions create a vibrational
field, informing and directing our Dream Seeds
how to Go and GROW.

Designed to give birth to infinite combinations
in infinite diversities, our Dream Seed simply
reads, reflects and reproduces our “inner state.”

By choosing an attitude of Gratitude, we create
the perfect environment for our Dream Seeds
to rise, bud, bloom and thrive!

Just for today  …
Give yourself a deep breath, and feel the
Great-Full-Ness of Life flowing through to the
Heart of YOU.  See your Dream Seed immersed
in waves of Love and Gratitude.  Pay attention
to the sensations of Joy and Appreciation arising

You are Now programming your Dream Seed to
produce more and more to be grateful for!

Growing forward, each time you see and open a
Blooming Humans message, it is an invitation to
re-calibrate and shift your vibration into a state of
Appreciation and Gratitude.

This simple shift in daily discipline, focus and
energetic intent provides the optimum environment
for ALL to ‘Fulfill our Roles in Birthing New Reality’,
to enjoy the journey, and for our Dream Seeds to
BLOOM and Thrive!

In Gratitude we Go … witnessing our Dream Seeds GROW.


Blooming Humans are WE!


Remember, it is the soil that feeds the seed. It is our
thoughts that precede the deed.  It is our vibration
that informs and organizes the Field of Creation.

By prepping the Garden of our Hearts with a daily dose of
Gratitude, we will find our Dream Seeds Blooming in graceful,
easy, fulfilling ways!


“It’s common to say that trees come from seeds. But how can
a tiny seed create a huge tree? Seeds do not contain the
resources needed to grow a tree.  These must come from
the medium or environment within which the tree grows.

But the seed does provide something that is crucial : a place
where the whole of the tree starts to form.  As resources
such as water and nutrients are drawn in, the seed organizes
the process that generates growth.  In a sense, the seed is
a gateway through which the future possibility of the living
tree emerges.”

~ unknown

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Releasing to Grow

As a seed must release its form in order to grow,
we, too, are releasing who we have been …
in order to Birth New Reality.

Nature reveals her beauty through the changing
seasons.  Each bud must release to BLOOM,
each flower morphs to become the fruit.  The fruit
must open its Heart to gift its Seed.  Each seed
must shed its form in order to become the Tree.

An ever-present shift in the expression of our being
facilitates the continuance of Life.

Just for today …

Consider what is ready to be released, shed and discarded
in your Life.  What thoughts, expressions of Being,
relationships, jobs or activities no longer feel true for
you?  It is natural, and vital, at this time to let go of
what no longer serves, in order for your Dream Seed
to flow and grow.

Spend a few moments making a list of these.  As you
write these out, also consider what gifts you have
received from each one.  Every one of these choices,
actions, partners and endeavors has brought you to
this moment.  By choosing to see, and release, each
one through the eyes of Gratitude … the form falls
away, making room for what is now growing at the
Heart of YOU.

In releasing attachment to former states of Being,
we Birth New Reality.  As our Dream Seeds are
programmed to express infinite combinations
in infinite diversity, it is also helpful to not get attached to
HOW it will grow.  Trusting in our ability to ‘Fulfill
rour Role in Birthing New reality’ creates room for
the mystery of Life to surprise, inspire and delight.

Our journey has just begun, and only Love knows what
gifts, shifts and opportunities will be revealed.
Daily meditation, contemplation and concentration
on our intent will assist in releasing attachment
to form-er ideas, creating space to witness our
Dream Seeds evolve, take root, BLOOM and fruit!


from the Sufi master Hafiz :

Light Will someday split you open
Even if your life is now a cage.

Little by little, You will turn into stars.
Little by little, You will turn into
The whole sweet, amorous Universe.

Love will surely burst you wide open
Into an unfettered, booming new galaxy.

You will become so free
In a wonderful, secret
And pure Love That flows
From a conscious, One-pointed, Infinite Light.

Even then, my dear, The Beloved will have fulfilled
Just a fraction, Just a fraction!
Of a promise He wrote upon your heart.

For a divine seed, the crown of destiny,
Is hidden and sown on an ancient, fertile plain
You hold the title to.

O look again within yourself,
For I know you were once the elegant host
To all the marvels in creation.

When your soul begins
To ever bloom and laugh
And spin in Eternal Ecstasy-

O little by little, You will turn into God.

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A message from Mother Earth

Mother: Beloved children, this is I, Mother Earth.

I see so many of you, beloveds, struggling how to visualize your future. I feel your pain when you suffer under the uncertainty, and I tell you, that you have my greatest empathy as I walked through this myself not long ago.

Children, children of mine, that is what I call you, because as long as you live on me or in me, you automatically become embraced by my motherhood. In all its consequences I gave you shelter and nurtured you and I gave you protection like only a mother can give you. So children of mine, your struggle is easily explained. It origins in your old beliefs and morals, in the things you accepted as good, accepted as working.

Many of you think now like I did, that we would need to bridge a certain amount of time of the cleansing period, to be finally able to go back to normal and start to rebuild. But this time it’s different, this time there is nothing to go back to, nothing will be normal or known. This time survival means more than having stored your daily rations, this time survival means to be reborn.

Rarely a child leaves my room voluntarily. Most of the time, thru-passing souls have to be pushed out. I am pushing you out now, as your actions and non actions pushed me to having no other possibility than to do so. I wish it could have been done differently. I never wished harm to any of my children, not even to those which bring me sorrow and make me weep.

I am pushing you out into the unknown, children, but it is equally unknown to both of us, and we will be together if you desire so and if it fits into your carefully crafted destiny.

I am without fear now. This is new, because you have to know, I am an Agondonter myself. As to the quarantine, I also was cut of from the rest of the universe, and for the sake of my service as a planet, I surrendered to what was perceived as reality. I am without fear now, and so should be you, as those who stay with me are with me.

Nothing is hurting me more, than seeing my little ones suffering and scared. Nuclear is not so much of a problem for me then it is for you, but it saddens me still, to not being able anymore to provide onto you my very best. My very best is what you get, now and forever, so what you see is all I have in those moments of being in labor.

Forgive me, for I have to take this moment for myself. I cannot babysit you in the meantime, but there is many who matured. They make me proud as a mother and they bring joy to my soul. Those will help you, my children, those and the many other sisters and brothers who came from far to be the groom’s best men.

So forget about visualizing the future, just be with me in this moment and hold my hand. Maybe you can dry my face from sweat every once in a while. Help me now as I helped you. We don’t know what is going to be, we are just assured that it is the right direction taken, as it is the direction to Love and Light.

Get ready to be reborn.
Get ready to discover everything new.
Get ready to forget the old and forgive the past.
Get ready to let go of everything you ever thought of, dreamed of, desired, even your most idealistic ideas are based on old experiences.

Nothing will be old anymore, you will be creators in realtime and you will learn as you go, and so will I.

Children of mine, there is more labor [to come] which will shake me and shake you. Don’t be afraid, little ones, you are being taken care of. Help those around you as you can. We will be through this in no time at all.

And don’t you cry about those who wish not to be part of my children anymore, or who’s destiny might bring them to different planes. There will be a mother embracing them, there will be a heart to listen to theirs.

Thank you for keeping up with me for so long. Thank you and blessed be you, my children of mine. I am Makhá, Mother Earth. Aho.

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Letting go

Letting Go
Author Unknown

To let go doesn’t mean to stop caring;
It means I can’t do it for someone else.


To let go is not to cut myself off…
It’s the realization that I can’t control another…
To let go is not to enable,
but to allow learning from natural consequences.
To let go is to admit powerlessness,
which means the outcome is not in my hands.
To let go is not to try and change or blame another,
I can only change myself.
To let go is not to care for, but to care about.
To let go is not to fix, but to be supportive.
To let go is not to judge,
but to allow another to be a human being.
To let go is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes,
but to allow others to affect their own outcomes.
To let go is not to be protective,
It is to permit another to face reality.
To let go is not to deny, but to accept.
To let go is not to nag, scold, or argue,
but to search out my own shortcomings and correct them.
To let go is not to adjust everything to my desires,
but to take each day as it comes and cherish the moment.
To let go is not to criticize and regulate anyone,
but to try to become what I dream I can be.
To let go is not to regret the past,
but to grow and live for the future.


To let go is to fear less and love more.
‘May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.’

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Divine Union

Imagine a Tree of Love …

whose roots fractal into the darkness of Changing
Mother Earth; Branches rising to embrace the
Light of the Sun’s life giving rays …. connected
as One at the Heart.

Both dark and light, root and branch,
are necessary for this Tree of Love to thrive.
Its heart, centered at the Great Coming together
of Dark and Light, is a resolution of paradox …
the Union of Polarities, existing with grace and ease.

The subtle energy of Divine Union surrounds,
penetrates, and flows through the Tree from
dark to light, day to night … a continuous flow
of Love, expressed in unique yet infinitely
connected bodies of creation.

This is true for us, too.

Just for today …

Feel the Divine Union of Light and Dark within.
Acknowledge both, knowing each has its purpose
and place in facilitating the continuance of Life.

Accept wholly and completely you are both dark
and light, male and female, a full-spectrum
expression of Love.  In accepting what IS,
has always been, and will always be … feel the
illusion of separation dissolving, revealing the
joy of Unity, Wholeness, and Divine Union
filling your Being.


Blooming Humans are WE!


The illusion of separation is the source of fear,
and creates a polarized perspective and experience
of Life.

As we BE-member we are both male and female,
dark and light, we transcend the illusion of separation
and embrace the Great-Full-Ness that we are … NOW.

In acknowledging and appreciating that both are found within,
and so without, we transcend polarity and operate
from a space of Unity.  This resolution of paradox
is Birthing New Reality — the Great Coming Together
of dark and Light, male and female, heart and mind —
and together we enter the age of Peace and Illumination.
As One.

Divine Union IS … it is simply ours to recognize, embody,
appreciate and celebrate!


A new platform of reality is being constructed for our
human family and our beloved planet earth. We are
the creators of this platform based on our beliefs,
thoughts and actions. Humanity is being asked to take
this next evolutionary leap in conscious choice necessary
to accelerate our personal and planetary evolution.

Because flow and alignment with truth can only be
sustained by being an open conduit for our Creator/Source,
we must recover our resonance with our true Divine Nature.
The truth of the natural order of creation has been
distorted over time.

Balance is being restored within us and our connection
to all life. Every life is important. We are entering the
time of a new and extraordinary opportunity for
humanity and our planet earth. By re-balancing
your connection with the Divine Feminine and Divine
Masculine aspects of creation, you begin to express
your authentic miraculous self more precisely.

Flow and alignment become the natural experience
of life and struggle is released. This is  something
that has always been available to you.  As fear and
doubt and resistance and misunderstanding give
way to understanding, trust and love, we become
a means by which our natural state is the expression
of  Unconditional Love.  The natural progression is
then to a peaceful, cooperative and loving world…
the world becomes a better place.

~  Donna Aazura

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Actualization Fertilization

Like a flower, whose open heart
quietly awaits the day when
pollen meets stamen, exciting
and fertilizing the growth of fruit
into being …
So, too, do our blossoming dreams
make many changes in form before
they reach fruition.

Once fertilized, a flower drops its petals,
releasing attachment to external appearances
in order to become seed-bearing fruit.

In our journey of Fulfilling our Roles
in Birthing New Reality we, too, shed
what no longer serves in order to shift

from one stage of Being to the next.

Ever onward, we go and grow.


Just for today …
Opening to a higher directive,
imagine your Blooming Dream Seed
being fertilized by Love.
Feel the Great Coming Together
of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
electrifying and magnetizing emergent form,
expression and embodiment into being.

Rejoice knowing your dreams, visions
and callings are growing into viable,
life-sustaining, seed producing fruits.

With full presence, witness the shift
in form and remember it is normal – yes!
vital – to release attachment to any given
stage of creation, and go with the flow
in order to BE-Come what you have
always been – a Great-Full expression of Love.

Using inner vision and imagination, we are able
to view a Dream Seed become a Tree of Love in
a short space of time, and yet …
Nature does not hurry, nor does it stagnate or
linger for long in any given stage of creation.

Always changing and re-arranging form, the wisdom
of Nature teaches us non-attachment to physical

Many transitions are taking place right now,
all happening at the speed of Love.  With Faith
Wisdom, know that in letting GO, your Unique Role
in Birthing New Reality continues to grow at
a perfect and precise pace designed by your Soul.



The greatest achievement is selflessness.
The greatest worth is self-mastery.
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.
The greatest precept is continual awareness.
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways.
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.
The greatest generosity is non-attachment.
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.
The greatest patience is humility.
The greatest effort is not concerned with results.
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.

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Tree of Love

Just for today …

Imagine your Dream Seed has become a Tree of Love …
Deep roots anchoring you to the Heart of Changing Mother Earth,
Branches rising to the Heart of Grandfather Sun.

Flowering possibilities have become viable fruit –
– infinite combinations, in infinite diversities
grace the body of this Great Tree of Love.

Use your inner-vision to flow your consciousness
into the sacred space in the center of your Heart,
where the Heart of the Tree of Love beats with Life.
Energy flowing, nourishment pulsing and rising to
Birth New Reality … one in breath and out breath
at a time.

Keeping your focus at the center of the Heart,
listening to the space between each breath,
feel the connection between Heaven and Earth,
dark and light, matter and Spirit, Divine Masculine and
Divine Feminine that is YOU.

Here in this space of Oneness,
connected to All that IS,
BE-Member you are LOVE.


Blooming Humans are WE!


Our journey of activating of Dream Seeds,
nurturing and tendering each, catalyzes many
shifts in our consciousness and daily vibrations.
These shifts, or state changes, flow us through
many expressions of being as we BE-member
what we have always been – LOVE.

In Love, all things are possible … infinite combinations
in infinite diversity are being birthed right NOW, in the
Hearts of Beloveds across the face of creation.

In witnessing the daily growth, attuning our heart-minds
to our Center, and daily meditating and contemplating
our Unique Role in Birthing New Reality, we are mastering
our ability to live in a space of Love and affirming our
Divine birth rite to thrive.

Blessed BE!


The tree of love its roots hath spread
Deep in my heart, and rears its head;
Rich are its fruits: they joy dispense;
Transport the heart, and ravish sense.
In love’s sweet swoon to thee I cleave,
Bless’d source of love . . .

– St. Francis of Asissi, Into Love’s Furnace I am Cast.

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I Am

I AM the Voice in the Wind
Blowing softly upon thee
Feel the love surrounding you
In absolute Angels Delight ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of your Future
The beauty that I see around you
Fills my heart with such vibrancy
I wonder if you feel it too ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of the Mountains
Today the Spirit of the Mountain
Gracefully fills you with it’s strength
Allow it to put you into Beta ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of the Trees
I whisper to you of flowing
Gently flowing in pure surrender
Accepting the magnificent sharing of their auras.
I AM the Voice of your Sister
My heart spills over with love,
You bring such beauty into my life
I dance with pure joy.
I AM the Voice that whispers
Of tender moments of pure peace.
Spreading before me is yet to be
Feel the Galactic Center’s radiating towards us ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of the flat lands
That smells like Sage – – hmm it’s so strong
Takes me to Texas’s Sageland
Echoing in peaceful vibes in my heart ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of the wind drafts
Feeling the Eagles all about us
Eagles flying over, through and within us
Blessings us all in the circle of Light ~ ~ ~
I AM the voice of my heart
Amazingly I feel all of you with me.
The Dolphins swim along the Rainbow bridge
Weaving back and forth to each of us ~ ~ ~
I AM the Voice of the Rainbows
Filling me and filling you with jeweled tones
Amazingly we witness which ones we need
Flowing thru us in beautiful hues ~ ~ ~
Has it reached you yet?
Angel and Dolphin Hugs for a Radiant Rainbow Day!
Shirley Irene

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