Blooming Humans

Our thoughts and emotions create a vibrational
field, informing and directing our Dream Seeds
how to Go and GROW.

Designed to give birth to infinite combinations
in infinite diversities, our Dream Seed simply
reads, reflects and reproduces our “inner state.”

By choosing an attitude of Gratitude, we create
the perfect environment for our Dream Seeds
to rise, bud, bloom and thrive!

Just for today  …
Give yourself a deep breath, and feel the
Great-Full-Ness of Life flowing through to the
Heart of YOU.  See your Dream Seed immersed
in waves of Love and Gratitude.  Pay attention
to the sensations of Joy and Appreciation arising

You are Now programming your Dream Seed to
produce more and more to be grateful for!

Growing forward, each time you see and open a
Blooming Humans message, it is an invitation to
re-calibrate and shift your vibration into a state of
Appreciation and Gratitude.

This simple shift in daily discipline, focus and
energetic intent provides the optimum environment
for ALL to ‘Fulfill our Roles in Birthing New Reality’,
to enjoy the journey, and for our Dream Seeds to
BLOOM and Thrive!

In Gratitude we Go … witnessing our Dream Seeds GROW.


Blooming Humans are WE!


Remember, it is the soil that feeds the seed. It is our
thoughts that precede the deed.  It is our vibration
that informs and organizes the Field of Creation.

By prepping the Garden of our Hearts with a daily dose of
Gratitude, we will find our Dream Seeds Blooming in graceful,
easy, fulfilling ways!


“It’s common to say that trees come from seeds. But how can
a tiny seed create a huge tree? Seeds do not contain the
resources needed to grow a tree.  These must come from
the medium or environment within which the tree grows.

But the seed does provide something that is crucial : a place
where the whole of the tree starts to form.  As resources
such as water and nutrients are drawn in, the seed organizes
the process that generates growth.  In a sense, the seed is
a gateway through which the future possibility of the living
tree emerges.”

~ unknown

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