Breathe Deeply

Breathe Deeply

So many moments of my life I treasure,
So many enjoyable paths I have pleasured.

I am thankfully mindful of every breath I take.
And all of the journeys we both shall make.

Believing the best things in life are so free,
I have the freedom to choose to be happy.

I Breathe Deeply until everything is calm,
Peace here and now like sunshine after a storm.

I came out of this cocoon I was wrapped in and saw your light,
You took off the layers and helped me to take flight.

Transformed from a caterpiller to a heavenly lady of power,
Spreading my wings and sweetening each scented flower.

You see every colorful butterfly flutters just like me,
With a beautiful smile on my face for all to see.

I Breathe Deeply and oxygen fills my soul,
Flying high in the mountains I relax and let go.

As sensational nector fills my body I go into a trance,
An intoxicating love potion makes me sensually dance.

With every movement I make I feel so alive.
With your spirit by my side I know I will thrive.

In unity we rise above everything else – it’s so nice,
Knowing we can live forever together in God’s paradise.

Maria Magdalena Jimenez


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