Cleansing Low Vibration Energy

Precious ones, I am Amma, the divine mother of divine mothers,
and I am your mother. You grew in my womb before your
soul essence separated from the Oneness. I know who you truly
are. I love every aspect of you. I love the things about you that
you yourself don’t love. There is nothing you can do to stop me
from enfolding my love around you. Even if you attempted to
separate yourself from my love, I would be there accepting you,
loving you, and waiting for you to discover who you truly are.
Even if that doesn’t happen until you leave this body, I will be
waiting for you, drawing you to me with my love for you.

The Mounting Intensity of Life on Earth
Many are leaving their bodies—have you noticed? Have you
noticed how some simply slip away and others leave in rather
strange ways? Souls are making decisions as to whether they
want to stay here or not. Some want to leave the way they have
created themselves in this lifetime and come back quickly without
the limitations they so wonderfully created for themselves.
They want to come in a new body. Still other souls want to
leave before the energies become even more intense, since they
are having difficulty with the intensity currently present.
What makes life intense? I’m not talking about the energies
coming onto the planet. I’m not talking about the changes
that are occurring everywhere on every level. I’m talking about
your reactions to these changes. Your emotional response to
what is happening around you is making things intense.
Before I proceed any further, I’d like you to move into your
heart source. Many of you already know of the heart source and
how to live from that amazing aspect of yourselves. For some of
you, this is new information. There are seven simple steps.

1. Enter the front of your heart chakra.
2. Enter the back of your heart chakra.
3. Enter the front of your brow chakra.
4. Enter the back of your brow chakra.
5. Connect your heart chakra to your third eye, imaging a
beam of energy.
6. Move that beam of energy down to the center of the Earth.
7. Now move it up to the center of the universe.

You are now experiencing multidimensionality. You now
are able to hear or read my words and know whether or not they
are true for you. Most importantly, you will more easily be able
to do the work that we will do today.

Working With Your Emotions
The planet is changing, and your life is changing. You have felt
your body shifting. There are aches and pains you haven’t had
in a while. There are times you have great difficulty in sleeping
and other times you can barely keep your eyes open. Many
of you are having intense emotions that seemingly rise from
nowhere—an intensity you thought was over. Your emotions
are what we will work with today.
What in your life has been the biggest struggle for you? Has
it been abandonment or perhaps rejection? Maybe you struggle
with what you perceive as the unfairness of life. This could present
itself as working hard for little return, or it could be people
completely misunderstanding your motives and intentions. Your
struggles could be with relationships, self-confidence, prosperity,
knowing what you are doing with your life, or any other area.
Many of you have worked for years to resolve what you
call your issues. You thought they were gone or at least greatly
relieved. Suddenly they are part of your life with an intensity
that has scared or disheartened you. My precious ones, all is
going according to plan, and you are doing fine. You wonder if
you have done anything wrong, but you have not. You are in
perfect order with what is happening in this world of yours. You
are clearing everything that is holding down your vibration.
Let’s say you are cleaning your window. You use your fluids
and scrubbers to clean off the grunge. Compared to what it
looked like before, it is glorious. You don’t see the film of dirt
that is still preventing the light from fully shining through. It
doesn’t matter, though, because the window is clear enough for
your purposes. Compared to what it once was, it is radiant.
All the work you have done—if you are one who has been
doing your work—has taken layers of “grunge” from you. You
feel so much better. You have been rediscovering your power,
your strength, and your courage. Your light has been shining
through. Many people see your radiance. If your world were
staying the same, this would be enough. If this were one of your
past lives, what you have done would be enough. But today, in
this time of change and the establishment of a new age—the
time of Aquarius—what you have already done is not enough.

Low-Vibration Energies Linger in Your Shadow Side
The fact that you have read this far is a sign that you have
made a decision for ascension at the end of this 26,000-year
cycle. You are ready to raise your vibration to the level needed
to ascend to new heights of knowledge, awareness, and creative
love energy. To do this, any film of low-vibration energy that
remains needs to be removed. Where does this energy linger
when you have already worked so hard to clear it? It is in your
cells. It is hiding in the deepest recesses of the petals of your
chakras. It is hiding in various places within your aura—especially
in the bottom of your aura where you pay little attention.
The energies moving into the planet are cleansing the
deepest, most hidden places within you of the low-vibration
energies held in secret from even yourself. How can this be? It
has always been. Dear ones, this is your shadow side. This is the
part of you that flares out unexpectedly and causes destruction
to you and others in one way or another.
Many people have the mistaken impression that your
shadow side is negative. It’s not. It is simply the hidden opposite
of your strengths. It’s great if you are someone who has the ability
to tell a good joke and lighten everyone’s day, isn’t it? But
if you use that strength at an inappropriate time or to avoid a
serious conversation, then it is a weakness. Another strength is
persistence. Your shadow can be stubbornness, which is on one
side of the continuum. The opposite of stubbornness is passivity.
The shadow aspect is that part of you that you keep hidden
from yourself, the part you deny.
When you deny you have a particular characteristic or
behavior pattern, your reactions to situations can result in consequences
that horrify you later. For example, the denial that
drinking or texting or eating while driving is distracting can
result in honest and loving people killing others. You are horrified
that it happens. You are in deep grief or regret, but you
have to face the responsibility that your denial of certain facts
resulted in life-changing consequences for a number of people.
How do you recognize your shadow side? Notice what you
react to. What words or actions result in low-vibration feelings
for you? Do you become angry when someone criticizes you?
Has an individual alerted you to a behavior that could result
in harm to another? If you choose to honestly examine your
actions, your reactions, and the suggestions made to you, you
can become aware of hidden parts of yourselves that can suddenly
come forth and cause harm to yourself and others.

Release The Negative Emotions That Are Holding You Back
The energies coming into the planet are revealing your hidden
wounds, your shadow side. Everything will be revealed in
the light. The low-vibration energy from these wounds is being
washed from your very cells. The feelings that are the emotional
manifestation of that low-vibration energy become apparent.
You now have the choice of what to do about them. If you choose
to react in frustration because you thought they were gone and
that you lived on a higher vibration than these feelings demonstrate,
you are going to have a difficult time releasing them. If
you choose instead to see them as the residuals that you need to
release for your ascension into light, you can rejoice and do what
is necessary to transmute what has been holding you back.
You are spiritual beings who have created and are still creating
the amazing human experience of yours. It is the movie
in which you play the starring role. Whether the personas you
know as yourselves manifest low- or high-vibration responses
to life’s circumstances, you are still the beautiful being you were
before you incarnated. Being on the path of awakening does
not mean that you will only have easy times. In fact, you may
find that difficult feelings and situations present themselves.
This is your creation until you manifest a new creation.
All of you reading these words are manifesting the creation
of raising your vibration to join the planet in her ascension.
Raising your vibration means you must release anything that is
of lower vibration. Most of you judge this experience as negative.
This solidifies the low-vibration energy within you. If you
rejoice in the appearance of the lower-vibration feelings and
rejoice that they have surfaced to be released from you, they
become more fluid and more easy to release. In many cases,
you can simply breathe them out of you or wash them away by
bringing in light of particular vibrations.
The difficult way is to be in a place of judgment and condemnation
of yourself. The easier way is to be in a place of
appreciation and acceptance. I suggest you choose the latter
way. Choose joy. Why choose pain and suffering? There is no
reason for you to hold on to the past. Choose joy, choose light,
choose love, and choose ascension.

How to Cleanse Yourself with Joy and Ease
I’m going to give you detailed instructions on ways to discover
your shadow sides and bring the low-vibration energies to the
surface and then release them. Follow them step by step and you
will make space for the light that is flooding the planet. Removing
dirt from your body is easier with a shower than by scraping
it away. I want to teach you how to use the shower method. It is
time to do this cleansing with joy and ease. It can only happen
if you set your intention to reveal your shadow side to yourself.
By the way, the shadow side is not only the characteristics
about yourself that you would judge as negative. You also have
gifts and skills that would be of benefit to you and others that
you don’t recognize or use. Although I’m focusing primarily on
the low-vibration aspects of your shadow side, there are also
aspects of your shadow side that could raise your vibration if
you develop them.
Are you ready? Since you’re going to make some lists, get
out your preferred writing materials.
Step one: Identify aspects of your shadow. They are hidden
and, for the most, unrecognized. Some of you know parts of your
shadow and work to bring them forward and release them, thus
healing yourself. It is easier if you discover your shadows yourselves
rather than having them suddenly appear and hurt you or someone
else. Choose one or more of the following items and make a list:

• What have people criticized you for?
• What are some compliments you have received?
• Ask friends and family what they believe you could
improve about yourself to be happier.
• What makes you angriest and most afraid? What causes
you to either strike out or run away from another?
• What characteristics in others do you criticize or judge?
• What qualities in others do you not like?
• What qualities in others do you like?
• What types of people do you identify with in books,
movies, and television?
• What types of jokes do you laugh at? Do they make fun
of others or belittle them?
• What type of music do you listen to?
• What are your thoughts when you hear or read about
the weaknesses of others? This could include crimes
or personal situations.
• What are your thoughts when you hear about the successes
of other people?
• List your strengths. Now list the opposite of each
• List your weaknesses. Now list the opposite of each

Step two: Realize that everyone has a shadow side. Everyone
has qualities within themselves they don’t like—qualities
they want to be rid of. In addition, everyone has shadow gifts
and talents they are either afraid to express or unaware of. Have
no judgment about what you discovered in the above exercise.

Step three: Elevate your vibration by releasing what keeps
your vibration low and strengthening what will raise your vibration.
There are many ways to do this. I will show you how to
use your heart source, your encodements, and the soul-healing
prayer to elevate your vibration. Choose an element of your
shadow that lowers your vibration. We will use defensiveness as
the element in our example below.

Step four: Work with your encodements in each chakra.
The process is the same for every chakra. If you feel the motivation
to add something, please do so. You do this work from
your heart source and with your encodement technicians.

Follow the steps below for each chakra, one at a time:
Ask for healing of the wound that has the greatest influence
on your being defensive. Call in the soul-healing angels or
a spiritual connection. Ask that all the pieces of yourself that
you lost in this incident be found and brought back to you. Ask
that all pieces be cleaned, repaired, and healed. Ask that all
pieces be fully integrated within you.

1. Give thanks.
2. Ask your encodement technicians to remove all of your
artificial encodements that hold the reaction to be defensive
when you interpret what someone says as a criticism.
3. Ask the encodement technicians to repair damaged and
altered encodements.
4. Ask that encodements for defensiveness be removed.
5. Move to the next chakra.

Step five: Ask for the energy of the characteristic you wish
to release to come forth. From your heart source, spin your
chakras as fast as possible until the vibration is raised. When
you’re working to expand a gift you have but are not using as
you would like, you may use the same process with a slight shift.
Instead of asking to remove what is holding in the characteristic,
you ask to remove what is preventing you from expressing
your gift or talent.

I have spoken before about how you had to convince yourself,
an infinite being, that you were finite. You created many
events to convince yourself that you were limited. There are
times you may do the clearing of the chakras once and you are
free of the lower-vibration emotions that hide your power. For
others, you may need to use this process through the front and
back of each chakra and in every level of each chakra to remove
what is hiding your power, convincing you that you are limited.
Some of you may simply ask to see your chakra system
through your third eye. You hold this system within your heart
source. Ask that all the artificial encodements holding in the
lower-vibration characteristics or holding down the higher vibration
characteristics be shown to you. In your image, they
may show themselves as spots of light. Ask that they be removed.
Do the same for the damaged or altered encodements, asking
that they all be repaired. For the higher-vibration shadow aspects
of yourself that have not yet fully manifested, request that all the
natural encodements for their full manifestation be activated.

I have given you the long way and the short way of releasing the
low-vibration energy and activating the high-vibration energy
that is hidden within you. Some of you will feel motivated to use
this process step by step. Others will want to do it the fast way.
Follow the motivations within your heart. Dear ones, you are in
the midst of the elevation of this planet’s vibration of your own
vibration. Use every tool you feel motivated to use to assist you
in having as easy a transition as possible. My love is with you and
surrounds you. I am Amma, the divine mother, and I am your
mother. We are creating together.

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