Divine Union

Imagine a Tree of Love …

whose roots fractal into the darkness of Changing
Mother Earth; Branches rising to embrace the
Light of the Sun’s life giving rays …. connected
as One at the Heart.

Both dark and light, root and branch,
are necessary for this Tree of Love to thrive.
Its heart, centered at the Great Coming together
of Dark and Light, is a resolution of paradox …
the Union of Polarities, existing with grace and ease.

The subtle energy of Divine Union surrounds,
penetrates, and flows through the Tree from
dark to light, day to night … a continuous flow
of Love, expressed in unique yet infinitely
connected bodies of creation.

This is true for us, too.

Just for today …

Feel the Divine Union of Light and Dark within.
Acknowledge both, knowing each has its purpose
and place in facilitating the continuance of Life.

Accept wholly and completely you are both dark
and light, male and female, a full-spectrum
expression of Love.  In accepting what IS,
has always been, and will always be … feel the
illusion of separation dissolving, revealing the
joy of Unity, Wholeness, and Divine Union
filling your Being.


Blooming Humans are WE!


The illusion of separation is the source of fear,
and creates a polarized perspective and experience
of Life.

As we BE-member we are both male and female,
dark and light, we transcend the illusion of separation
and embrace the Great-Full-Ness that we are … NOW.

In acknowledging and appreciating that both are found within,
and so without, we transcend polarity and operate
from a space of Unity.  This resolution of paradox
is Birthing New Reality — the Great Coming Together
of dark and Light, male and female, heart and mind —
and together we enter the age of Peace and Illumination.
As One.

Divine Union IS … it is simply ours to recognize, embody,
appreciate and celebrate!


A new platform of reality is being constructed for our
human family and our beloved planet earth. We are
the creators of this platform based on our beliefs,
thoughts and actions. Humanity is being asked to take
this next evolutionary leap in conscious choice necessary
to accelerate our personal and planetary evolution.

Because flow and alignment with truth can only be
sustained by being an open conduit for our Creator/Source,
we must recover our resonance with our true Divine Nature.
The truth of the natural order of creation has been
distorted over time.

Balance is being restored within us and our connection
to all life. Every life is important. We are entering the
time of a new and extraordinary opportunity for
humanity and our planet earth. By re-balancing
your connection with the Divine Feminine and Divine
Masculine aspects of creation, you begin to express
your authentic miraculous self more precisely.

Flow and alignment become the natural experience
of life and struggle is released. This is  something
that has always been available to you.  As fear and
doubt and resistance and misunderstanding give
way to understanding, trust and love, we become
a means by which our natural state is the expression
of  Unconditional Love.  The natural progression is
then to a peaceful, cooperative and loving world…
the world becomes a better place.

~  Donna Aazura

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