Going with the Flow

at this time
we are being asked,
to let go of what is clogging our flow,
the wounds of the past,
the baggage
that we have been clinging to…

it is necessary to do some housecleaning~
it starts with each of us
and spreads out…

this is~
the type of healing taking place on this planet…
great waves of change are accelerating
our consciousness….

this is happening at an exponential rate~

what more needs to be said but
~Great Shift in Ages?

what else would awakening be,
other than cracking open the shell of human consciousness
and learning to fly?

we have been collectively trapped in slumber…

we are going through these changes
rather quickly…

those who are doing their clearing now,
will enjoy more of what is coming…

~~the level of enjoyment will be in direct proportion
to the clearing one has done…

those who have done little clearing,
will be having a harder time
in the days to come,


–as the density is being lifted off the planet,
those who are clinging to it;
will be having it ripped from them….

~~this is true for all of us,
for we all may be clinging to things,
that we really should be releasing…

if it is not joy, love, light,
it is time to let go of it…
whatever we are clinging to
becomes a block,
a hang-up,
an impedement
to our expansion…

those clinging to the dense energy fields
(while the earth is going through the process
of lifting them off of her)
~~will be experiencing a shock
to their system…
their body simply has not adjusted to the higher vibrating energy…

it is better to be working
on this clearing of density now,
rather than trying to do it all at once,
down the road,
(as the intensity of vibrations we are interring into

we are taking a leap,
another rung
in this spiralling

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