Myth number Six

There is absolutely nothing or no one out there who wants to bring you down.
To teach you a lesson, to find your faults.
Oh no.
In fact the reverse is your truth.
Everything, but everything, put in front of you is conspiring to bring you
your highest, clearest, brightest reflection and experience of
who you really are.
Do you get it.
Do you really get it.
You are the creator, the inviter, the director, producer ,
the actor and audience of it all.
You are the giver.
You are the receiver.
And You are the Gift.
You are the Presence.
You are the Presenter.
And You are the Present
It is really time to now totally trust yourself.
Step into the Flow bravely and watch everything fit perfectly together
in every way possible.
Nothing will be left out, 
Congratulations, welcome Home.

I Love You.

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