The Magnificence of Love

The Magnificence of Love

In my morning meditation I was taken to the Temple of Love which I have been enjoying sinceMelchizedek took me there in February, 2007.  Yes, yesterday we could feel the added energies of the Ninth Wave Gateway.  During our first webinar meditation on the Platinum Dolphin Energy, we also felt the presence of Sanat Kumara.

Receiving a bountiful amount of Love energy there was a commingling of the different glories of the essence of Love.

The Wisdom of Love

Presented to me was the ability to become aware of what creates love in our sacred temple of the Holy Spirit. Loving Oneself – is part of what I came to do, be and share. (I believe this is accurate for each and every one of us.) HOWEVER, we TEND to forget that our mental and emotional bodies create energy patterns that may be in conflict with loving ourselves.

Our bodies have I believe over 70 percent water. When we allow ourselves to criticize, judge, be righteous, indignant, angry, we have stopped loving ourselves. The reaction of our emotional and mental disarray creates a reaction within all the water cells within our bodies. As Dr. Emoto demonstrates so richly . WE actually create havoc in our own bodies and what we have created in our expressions towards others now resides within us. What we have judged others to be is nothing but a reflection and a mirror within us. In our process of anger we have given this person our power and we have not only depleted our selves but have guaranteed that it will return to us in exact force that it was extended.

This was a hugh “Light Bulb” for me. And as I daily release all that no longer belongs to me and daily ask for forgiveness of anything, anyone that I may have done during the day, I also ask from each person that “Please forgive me, I love you, I forgive you, I love you.”

The Grace of Love

How blessed it is to receive the Grace that flows down from God, our Source, our Creator of all.

As the Grace of Love flows thru me I see such beautiful Lights in all of you and I realized that it was a reflection that started within me opening my spirit/soul to see the beautiful Light and Love that each and every one of you truly are.

Since becoming a Pillar of Light, a growing Pillar of Love, I see our hearts connecting which brings me such great joy. I see your beauty, I feel your love and

I am so thankful for this precious gift from God, Source.

The Glow of Love

My heart and soul knows that we are what we were waiting for. That we are co-creators bringing in theLove and Light of the precious Christ Energies. Releasing all that does not belong to me/us allows the Glow of Love to continuously flow from me to you.

From you to me.

How sacred, how precious, how beautiful to see so many Earth Angels now. As we join hearts into our

ONENESS and into the ONE HEART we become centered in the heart of God. I believe it is here that we learn to become more aware of the graciousness,

thankfulness of the Grace of God, of the Temple of Grace.

The Magnificence of Love

Occurs when we understand the Law of Attraction, the Law of ONENESS. When we no longer allow any outside influences into our space that is not for our best and highest good. There are thought patterns out there bouncing around that are not ours and we do no need to accept them as ours.

There are negative Entities that we do not need to allow into this precious Temple

of the Holy Spirit that we truly are.

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