The Omni Oneness

The power of One is manifest in a new dimension of consciousness
on Earth. Cosmic frequencies are opening subdimensional
fields of vibration that are powerfully affecting our understanding
of relativity. Consciousness has accelerated, shifting the
nature of mass and matter. Each particle of form is now engaged
in adapting and applying the law of One to quantum vibration,
resonance, and harmonics through dimensional and subdimensional
The accelerated continuum deepens your relationship
to cosmic forces, which now affect your mind. You can now
respond to a new dimension of sound—the harmonic of the
Omni One—that alters your conscious receptivity through
the interpretive centers of the human mind. Simply put, those
individuals who have opened to a state of attunement to the
harmony of peace and cosmic principles now experience an
expanded reality.

Reality Shifts Envelop Planet Earth
Reality on planet Earth was formerly dictated through certain
constraints that created closed thought forms and self-limiting
principles of mind and reality. Vast areas of the populace were
locked in delusions designed to maintain the status quo. Once an
ideology became a controlling doctrine for collective group, only
a few exceptional humans could go beyond the dictated social
norms and behavior patterns.
Cosmic mind is unencumbered. It can easily connect to
the vibrations that form reality on subtle planes of consciousness
in the expanded dimensions. Humanity was previously
limited by energy relationships that formed consciousness.
The perception of relativity is transmitted through harmonics
of sound and light principles. There is now a new dimension
of sound and thus a new avenue for the consciousness of light
to infuse the perceptual centers of human consciousness. This
means humanity has a window open to the higher realms.
The essential vibration of divine consciousness is actualized
through the principle of Omni Oneness.

Divine vibration affects the continuum of human consciousness
on every level, altering and accelerating human
capacity for sovereignty and compassion. Now there is an
exchange of high velocity particles that are charged with
energy from the mind and heart consciousness of the One.
This vibration is rapidly evolving into a prevailing frequency
in human consciousness.
A minority of individuals have been opening to universal
oneness. A rather isolated socioecological group, these individuals—
the awakeners—have vibratory patterns that readily
connect to the ecosystem of the Earth. As the continuum of
frequencies widens, more people come to understand the true
nature of the law of relativity. The reality of human existence
is altered. Initially this will be observed through subtle patterns
of compassionate relationship and awareness of the consequences
of behavior. People will become more aware of how
they affect others.
Consciousness is conveyed to family, community, and
workplace through electromagnetic discharges from the brain
that form thoughts and become communication patterns.
The communication patterns of societies are predetermined
by the constraints of existing dominant behavior patterns.
The majority of humans have been unable to focus beyond
competition, lack, fear, and anxiety patterns, thus creating
unstable social structures. When this happens, perceptions
become delusional and dysfunctional behavior patterns
appear to be normal.
The planet has reached a critical point of imbalance
between unstable social structures and the creative principles
of universal law. This imbalance limits the potential
energy exchange in all relativity patterns. The limited patterns
of synergism create excessive velocity in certain destructive
energy forms. The imbalance causes apathy, despair, and
hopelessness in millions of humans. People lose faith and feel
that they are not empowered to make a difference. The result
is a lack of interest in or focus on cocreative behaviors that
sustain compassion and love. One result is the breakdown of
functional relationship to self, community, and environment.
This social breakdown is the major factor that deteriorates the
holographic Earth and results in Earth changes and the collapse
of social order.

A New Harmonic Emerges
The earth has absorbed and utilized harmonics coming from
the universal One. A critical mass of awakened humans have
activated a new sound harmonic that affects reality on every
level. This harmonic is powerfully charged with loving, creative
energy. A multitude of individuals have toned using the
new frequencies at power points on the grid during powerful
cosmic alignments. These individuals responded to the power
of the Universal One that guided them to activate the holographic
heart of the earth. Deteriorating patterns have been
transformed because of the new sound harmonic called the
“harmony of one.”
A cosmic wheel has turned to align dimensions and
reveal a new capacity for relationship between humans and
infinite Oneness. This phenomenon has altered the natural
order of life on earth. Humans now have the opportunity as
never before to have a personal relationship with the God
Source. The Creator was once a distant force that humans
could only experience at times of spiritual revelation. Then
they would slip back into a state of disconnection where they
participated in an imbalanced collective delusion. This relationship
pattern has changed. The fifth element is activated,
and the nature of reality on Earth is changed. Humankind is
being invited to go beyond the limited view of a fixed reality
into a state of divine grace.
The field of relativity has altered now to optimize the
expanded nature of consciousness. The new relativity pattern
creates energy exchanges in balance with the universal law
of love. Humans may participate in authentic, nondelusional
vibrations. The old illusion of suffering is no longer a dominant
force of relativity. Thought forms that support wholeness
are now empowered by universal forces. This shift will
ultimately result in the springing forth of new communities of
peace among the populace.
The change will happen not through the development of
new doctrines but through the infusion of existing doctrines
with the power of One and harmonic oneness. The change
happens because of the expanded capacity for the power of
love to be exchanged, received, and felt by humans.

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